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of your best friend

There are several ways below that you can help support this vital cause and honor your beloved dog in the process. Whether your Black Beauty is still at your side or has crossed the rainbow bridge, we would love to help you honor the furry little soul that has filled your world with so much joy, comfort and unconditional love. It's so important to galvanize the world, to stand up for black dogs and spread the word that black dogs aren't any different, in beauty, spirit and value, than any other colored dog. At this time, your financial gift is not tax deductible but is so greatly appreciated in helping to support this mission in expanding and moving forward. It's our goal to have the first "black dog only"adoption app and funds raised from this memorial will help us inch closer to that vital program.

Image by Jake Oates


Just $1 can do more than you might believe, especially when many black dog lovers give this amount. It all adds up! We realize that in this difficult time, many people want to give, but lack the financial resources. This is a way for us to include those with limited resources. We understand your position and want you to know how much your dollar means to us. This option is set for you to gift more, if you can.

For a gift of $25 or more, your dog can be included in our Black Dog Day Family Photo Album on our website. Just send us your dog's photo with a copy of your receipt, here. Your dog's photo will be included within 48-72 hours and we'll email you when it's live.




For your gift of $50 or more, you will receive: 


-Your choice of one item of collectible art on our homepage.


-The inclusion of your dog's photo on our website in a Black Dog Day Family Photo Album. The slideshow can feature your name and your dog's name or just your dog's name, and birth/rainbow bridge date. This option is set for you to gift more, if you can. 




Be listed as a founding Benefactor of our new adoption app! For gifts of $500 or more, your name will be listed in our app as well as on our website with your dog's photo, as a founding benefactor.


This memorial is filled with numerous ways you can honor your Blackie, that helps us get so much closer to our goal of building the first “black dog only” online adoption portal. Our goal for this portal is $250K. Your memorial gift will also help support the vital continuance of this day. For your generosity, you will receive the following:

-Your choice of collectible Black Dog Day art (featured on homepage) printed on 8.5x11, gallery quality, fade resistant, acid free paper, as well as a downloadable copy to print on canvas or whatever you like.

-A custom designed webpage devoted to your dog, with a story about your dog (written by you) and a slideshow or photo gallery of up to 50 photos. This page includes your own URL, such as'sname to share with friends and family. 

-Inclusion of your dog in the Black Dog Day Family Photo Album.

-A custom watercolor portrait of your dog by Colleen Paige, the founder of National Black Dog Day.

-A public appreciation post through our social media pages with a photo of your dog.

Please email us with your contact info, once you’ve sent your gift, so we can call you and discuss the details. 

This option is set for you to give more if you can.


You will be able to choose the fund you'd like on this donate button below. There's even an option for a recurring monthly donation, if you so choose.

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